About Us


We are a Global Electronics Manufacturing Solutions provider. Striving togive our customers the highest value and attention in the industry.SMT UNION s Operations span 3 continents, with sales, service and warehousingin Asia and the Americas. Our company supplies SMT equipment, spare parts,consumibles, ESD supplies and services to a wide range of EMS companies.

Basic solutions we offer

We guarantee a high level of quality in all products we offer.
Thanks to our vast experience, controlled process, sense of urgency and customer focus.

Cost Reduction Strategies

Used SMT Equipment can provide significant savings over new equipment. Return of investment is much faster, allowing more profitable projects and faster growth


We strive to take the risk out of buying preowned equipment by offering warranties and risk free transactions.

Fast Delivery

We have local inventory ready for immediate delivery.


We have the highest standard and quality processes.

40+ Years Experience

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